How to Setup a Goodreads Author Page

How to create a Goodreads Author Page

When it comes to communities that authors want to be a part of, few rank as high in an author's mind as Goodreads. With over 90 million users, Goodreads manages to be the central hub for reviews, book recommendations, and wishlists.

With this in mind, it makes a lot of sense that any author would want to position themselves in the center of Goodreads with an Author Page. But how do you do that? Let's explore that now.


There are only two requirements to setup an author page on Goodreads: You need an account (easy enough!) and you need a published (or soon to be published) book that you've written. The book has to be in their database so it can be claimed.

The Approval Process

Once you've claimed your book and linked it to your profile, a Goodreads staff member will validate your request for an author page. This usually takes two business days, but your mileage may vary here. Once you've been verified, your page will now be an author page! You'll be able to quickly tell by spotting the Goodreads Author seal at the top of your profile page.

Why Create a Goodreads Author Page?

Goodreads offers a plethora of benefits to authors on the platform. For example, you gain the ability to promote your books via giveaways, your blog, or advertisements on the Goodreads platform. In addition to that, claiming an Author Page will give you access to answer questions in the "Ask the Author" platform that they offer. This allows your readers to ask questions to you and for you to respond to them directly.

All of that aside, the biggest benefit is definitely simply having a professional presence as an author on one of the most popular websites for avid readers to visit.

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