How to write a book for free

How to write a book for free

At BlueJay, we believe that everyone has a story worth sharing. The trickier part is how you ensure that story gets heard. We're big fans on books and we feel that a great book is the perfect medium to share a story with the world. However, writing a book can be expensive, so we've got a few tips to help you write your book without paying anything.

Leverage free tools

Just because you're trying to write your book without racking up a list of expenses doesn't relegate you to suffer through Notepad. There are several better options to choose from. For example, you can start your journey in Google Docs or try a code editor like Visual Studio Code if you'd want to try writing your book in Markdown. If neither of those sound appealing, BlueJay offers a very generous free tier that gives you access to an excellent text editor and a suite of machine learning / AI tools to help you build your best book ever.


There are a few really excellent tools that can be used to help you edit your book. Hemmingway is a tool that, well, aims to help you write like Hemmingway did. It helps analyze your required reading level and suggests tips on how to decrease that. Remember, just because you're targeting adults doesn't mean that everyone can read like they have a Master's degree in Literature!

Additionally, BlueJay integrates with several paid editing tools (and provides those to you for free!) like ProWritingAid. All of those tools are integrated directly into our text editor so they're always on hand for you to access.

Your Book Cover

The book cover is where most DIY authors start to cave on the DIY idea. If you're not a graphic designer, designing book covers may feel well beyond your ability. However, there are a few free tools to help. Our favorite is Adobe Spark, but a google search for "DIY Book Cover" should yield quite a few alternatives.


The light at the end of the tunnel is often blocked by some form of payment. Unfortunately, that often remains true for publishing your book. Hiring an agent to represent you can be expensive and if you decide to self-publish, you could end up with hundreds or thousands of copies of your book that don't sell. Thankfully, there's a few great tools to help self publishers that want to focus on print-on-demand services. Generally, you make a little less per book on these as theres overhead to not printing them in bulk, but you avoid spending thousands of dollars on thousands of copies of your book, only to have them take up space in your attic.

If you're publishing your first book, we strongly recommend this method if you don't go down the traditional publishing route. Our two favorite tools for this are KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and Ingram Spark. It's worth mentioning that KDP isn't just for publishing eBooks. Amazon offers print services, too!